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The core activities of De Jong Groep are property investment and project development in the Netherlands and the United States. With an efficiently organised business structure, De Jong Groep can, if necessary, capitalise on added expertise, enabling us to work flexibly. Individual property acquisitions and the takeover of property portfolios from investment colleagues, including pension funds, insurance companies, etc., ensure optimal profitability and balance of the portfolio.


Commercial property is developed in accordance with the quality or potential inherent to the object itself. As such, essential aspects for consideration include location, building situation, architectural condition and possibilities for functional use.


Properties are constantly optimised and maintained. We manage the restoration and renovation of newly purchased investment objects, which work is completed by trade professionals who have a feel for perfection. Well-known architects are called upon to provide the design aspects. This has been a De Jong Groep specialisation for years and has resulted in tailor-made qualitative solutions.


De Jong Groep works both independently and in association with partners. Selected by means of a rigorous process, the relationship with our partners is based on trust. Moreover, we should at least share common 'objectives' with our partners.





De Jong Group especially focuses on retail outlets which have always been established in prime locations, such as for example Kalverstraat. The end-user and his business objectives are crucial to our development strategy. Our vision and experience cause a diversity of functions to be brought together. This continually leads to the successful development of retail outlets.



De Jong Group specializes in developing most of its offices in stately premises in the major cities’ prime districts, particularly Amsterdam. We believe that an office should be more than just a convenient work place; it should also provide an environment of character, enabling people to perform their core business activities. Not only do we pay a great deal of attention and respect to architecture, we also want our clients’ work environment to be first-class and of distinctive character. In carrying out these projects we work together with renowned architects.





De Jong Groep is also active on the private market with the development and sale of dwellings in the top segment. These are often apartments that distinguish themselves in terms of architecture, luxury fitting out and exceptional locations. These objects are rented with or without furnishings. To remain at the forefront in this demanding market, we often develop new initiatives in historic buildings, naturally with an eye for the cultural value of the building and the wishes of the contemporary client.


In short, De Jong Groep strives for added value in living, shopping and working. Together with the critical eye of the client, our specialists harmonise functionality and architecture to the specific situation. The objective is to gear living, working and shopping to accessibility, representative values and excellent facilities.